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Sep 19 - Oct 15, 2023


'Lines in Motion’ is an exhibition that explores the sheer power of lines, woven into compelling stories of movement, power and transformation by six artists from Japan and South Korea: A-taro Matsuo, Kan-Zan-Loc, Bae Sangsun, Lee Youngha, Park Hyojeong, and Yoon Dujin. 

Composition No. 1


“Time and order of events control a man's life more than the nature of these events.”

– Marc Saporta


Composition No. 1 is a group exhibition presented by J 12 contemporary art by jason and Khalifa Gallery, Seoul at Art Central, featuring works by seven artists from Japan and South Korea. These include from Japan, glass sculptor Toshio Iezumi, painter Kan-Zan-Loc and pop and street artist Yoshi47. From South Korea, Composition No. 1 includes prominent contemporary artists Chae Sungpil, Lee Youngha, Oh Young as well as sculptor Hanchul Shin.


Composition No. 1, the ground-breaking experimental novel by Marc Saporta, first published in 1962, consists of 150 opening paragraphs printed on 150 separate sheets of paper that could be shuffled and read in any order. Like the novel, this exhibition is designed to be interactive. Aleatory in nature, there is no beginning, no end. Like the pages within the book, the viewer decides on the order in which the art is to be viewed. In other words, the viewer curates their own experience within the booth and in doing that, each viewer’s experience is completely unique.

Download the full Press Release of Composition No. 1


Past Exhibition


"When in Tokyo"

February 15, 2023 to March 15, 2023

Masaki Okuten

Keita Sagaki


Toshio Iezumi

Toru Ichikawa

Tomorko Nagai

Shinya Tanoue

'Idealized Portrait of a Lady - Portrait of Simonetta Vespucci as Nymph" by Sandro Botticelli


The work is an inspiration of the exhibition where Keita Sagaki reimagines the works the Japanese way.

Download the Press Release

Past Exhibition


"New Beginnings: A new chapter in Kan-Zan-Loc's Line Art"

Flowing Lines and Whispering Blue

Highligting the latest series of "TEN toh TUTI noh AIDAH - Between Heaven & Soil - All Things are Beautiful" and "Whispering Blue - Mirjanas" by Japanese artist Kan-Zan-Loc.

Date: December 10, 2022 to January 31, 2023

Featured artwork:

"Whispering Blue - Mirjanas"

Medium: Shellfish Powder, Lapis-Lazuli, Malachite, Mica, Acrylic-resin, Synthetic-resin, on Arches Paper

Dimension & Year: 76.5. x 50.4 cm & 2022

Download the Press Release

_The World in the Sky 01_ by Yoshi47, 2022, Water Color and Pigment Ink on Water Color Pap

Past Exhibition

November 9 - 21, 2022

J 12 contemporary art by jason and calif Shibuya present

“Forbidden Fruit, Talavera, and Vermin”

A solo exhibition by Japanese pop and street artist Yoshi47

@calif SHIBUYA, Shibuya PARCO 5F, 15-1 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku

Tokyo 150-8377, Japan

A VIP PREVIEW with the artist Yoshi47 in attendance will be held on November 9, 2022 (Wednesday) 4:00 – 8:00pm prior to the exhibition opening to the public. 


Date: Nov 10 – 21, 2022.  11:00am – 8:00pm 

*Admission until 30 minutes before closing

*Closes at 6:00pm on the last day 

I woke up before sunrise, and headed for the sea while rubbing my sleepy eyes. A quiet sea with not a soul in sight. A soft southwest swell splits neatly from the outside while maintaining its length. I chase the waves that come from far away while staring at the horizon all by myself. By the time the birds start to become active and the sun from the east feels a little dazzling, I am already out of the sea.  After surfing, I then tend to my garden full of flowers, herbs, lawns and fields. Various insects living in the herb garden are flying around creating a feeling of paradise. When I hear the hum of bees, I think that next year I should try a beehive. On the other hand, the fields are overgrown with weeds, and pests are swarming around ripe vegetables wriggling with enthusiasm in the undergrowth.

Yoshi47 - .jpg
still life_gardenia flower(1990年)..jpg

"Still Life - Gardenia Flower"

Medium: Archival Glossy Print

Available in 80 x 70 cm or 60 x 50 cm

still life_feathers in a glass bottle(2016年).jpg

Online Exhibition

Life by Japanese photographer Yoichiro Nishimura

J 12 contemporary art by jason is delighted to present Life, works by Japanese photographer Yoichiro Nichimura (b. 1967)

The images from the “Life” series are the result of years of experimentation by Nishimura. Using dark settings, the flowers are photographed under natural light using a Hasselblad camera, the resulting images are Nishimura’s interpretation of ‘Ikebana’ the Japanese art of flower arranging. The balance between light and dark without the noisy interference of color, leaves the viewer to contemplate, to reflect on the balance between life and death, and the Chinese principles of yin and yang.

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