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New Beginnings: A New Chapter in Kan-Zan-Loc’s Art

Flowing Lines and Whispering Blue

The exhibition explores the evolution of the artist’s works of the past six years as his research and experimentation with natural pigments and minerals used in centuries-old Asian painting which expand his practice from the monochromatic using Ganryo indigo to a wider palette incorporating lapis lazuli, malachite, azurite, marble, mica, gold and silver.


New Beginnings - Kan-Zan-Loc - Between Heaven - Left 5 copy.JPG

Upcoming Exhibition


"When in Tokyo"

February 15, 2023 to March 15, 2023

The exhibition aims to enhance J 12 contemporary art by jason's commitment to showcasing the vibrant and diverse East Asian art scene, with a special emphasis on Japan's rich cultural heritage and its impact on Hong Kong's art scene. We believe Hong Kong is a great space to have these exchanges. These 7 Japanese artists have diverse backgrounds, practices, discipline, and values, but share a deep connection and reverence for Japan's rich culture and traditions. These artists represent dots, and by linking them together, they reveal to us the contemporary Japanese-style painting as well as fine art objects.

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_From Present to Elsewhere 01_ by Yoshi47, 2022, Acrylic, Spray Paint, Pencil with Matte U
_From Present to Elsewhere 01_ by Yoshi47, 2022, Acrylic, Spray Paint, Pencil with Matte U



Composition No. 1

Art Central, Stand A33

March 21 - 25, 2023

“Time and order of events control a man's life more than the nature of these events.”

– Marc Saporta


Composition No. 1 is a group exhibition presented by J 12 contemporary art by jason and Khalifa Gallery, Seoul at Art Central, featuring works by seven artists from Japan and South Korea. These include from Japan, glass sculptor Toshio Iezumi, painter Kan-Zan-Loc and pop and street artist Yoshi47. From South Korea, Composition No. 1 includes prominent contemporary artists Chae Sungpil, Lee Youngha, Oh Young as well as sculptor Hanchul Shin.


Composition No. 1, the ground-breaking experimental novel by Marc Saporta, first published in 1962, consists of 150 opening paragraphs printed on 150 separate sheets of paper that could be shuffled and read in any order. Like the novel, this exhibition is designed to be interactive. Aleatory in nature, there is no beginning, no end. Like the pages within the book, the viewer decides on the order in which the art is to be viewed. In other words, the viewer curates their own experience within the booth and in doing that, each viewer’s experience is completely unique.

Download the full Press Release of Composition No. 1

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